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Putting the patient first

Putting the "whole patient" first: with us, it couldn't be more personal

Our fully connected, joined-up approach to providing clinical care means that we look after you as a “whole patient”; not just focusing on the specific symptoms or condition that brought you to London Medical, but able – if the need arises – to concern ourselves with every aspect of your physical and psychological health.

From your first visit, you’ll become a London Medical patient, with easy and unlimited access not just to individually brilliant consultants, but to the vast collections and seamlessly integrated expertise of our entire team.

No one ever is ever just a diabetes patient

Take diabetes, the condition we know best of all. As the UK’s leading private diabetes centre, we constantly discovering new and better ways to help patients manage the condition successfully.

But the longer people live with diabetes, the more likely it is to affect other parts of their body – potentially leading to problems in the eyes, brain, heart, kidneys, skin, joints, pancreas, bowel and feet.

So for optimum long-term health, it’s essential to see the bigger picture, and to take every possible step to prevent diabetes-related problems from developing.

In the case of heart health, for example, with proper attention to blood pressure and intensive treatment to lower cholesterol, we can dramatically reduce our patients’ risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Now, what can we do for you?

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