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UK's leading provider of diabetes care: London Diabetes Centre

London Medical began life as a Diabetes Clinic, and has been the preferred provider for thousands of patients for more than 25 years. It specialises in the support and management of all types of diabetes for adults and children.

Our vision is simple: comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic excellence in one centre. This vision can be seen through the clinic; the experienced Consultants, Dietitians, and Specialist Nurses, the state-of-the-art facilities for the assessment and treatment of diabetic eye disease, cardiovascular health, impotence, nerve damage and kidney disease.

We’re passionate about improving blood sugar control and abolishing hypoglycaemia. With these objectives, we encourage our patients to learn from our carbohydrate counting courses, and use wireless advanced technology to help improve control and delay complications.

We care for both the physical and psychological aspects associated with diabetes through a multidisciplinary team approach – who each believe in a holistic approach to patient care, and in the benefits of education and support. For more information visit our London Diabetes Centre website.

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    Diabetes services

    • Specialist diabetes Dietitians
    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Podiatrist and access to orthotics, for foot ulcer management
    • 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, by miniature radial artery tonometry, including cASP
    • Carotid intima media study and lower limb arterial doppler examination
    • Emergency diabetes – immediate Consultant care for acute decompensated diabetes
    • Expertise in the management of all insulin pumps
    • Fundus retinal photography with Ophthalmologist report
    • Oral glucose tolerance testing for diagnosis of diabetes and prediabetes
    • Exercise and resting echocardiography
    • Freestyle Libre and Diabetes Care Plans
    • Impotence diagnosis and treatment
    London Medical building hallway

    Our Diabetes Centre is the UK’s leading private specialist diabetes clinic.

    Your diabetes is a complex condition. So, either immediately or over time, you may need a very wide range of specialist, highly personalised care and treatment. You’ll find it here at the UK’s only true private “one-stop” diabetes clinic.

    Two pharmacists in a pharmacy
    A woman smiling
    Outstanding multidisciplinary team of cilinicians
    state of the art diagnostic equipment and medicines
    highest quality patient outcomes
    end to end integrated patient care


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