Dr Alim John Rehman

MBBS D.Occ. Med

Occupational Physician

Specialties at a glance

Dr A J Rehman is Head Occupational Physician at the practice he created 25 years ago: Medical and Occupational Health Services (MOHS). Dr Rehman acts as chief medical officer to a number of large PLC’s and has vast experience in all aspects of occupational medicine. Specialities Include:

  • Occupational health
  • Occupational medicine
  • Disability discrimination
  • Health & safety at work
  • The Equality Act
Dr Alim John Rehman

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      About Dr Alim John Rehman

      Dr Rehman has a deep knowledge of an employer’s legal obligations under the Equality Act. This understanding is reliable and tested as he is an experienced expert witness having in the past sat as a panel member of the Health committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

      He has also been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society due to his experience in a remote area and expeditionary medicine. His company, MOHS, is an occupational health and medico-legal consultancy based in London that provides high quality focused Occupational Health advice to British and European companies.

      Service provision can be from a complete corporate occupational health service including employee assistance programs and health surveillance to simple ad hoc medical advice. MOHS doctors cover the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland

      His organization acts as an appointed doctor by the HSE for Control of Lead at Work Regulations and provide expert witness reports for Courts and employment tribunals. Furthermore, their doctors and nurses can conduct health surveillance either on-site or at London Medical.

      Unlike many occupational health service providers, they are not a limited company as they are a professional practice run by doctors. Their primary aim is:

      “The promotion of a fit and healthy workforce using an approachable and ethical ethos”

      This is achieved by:

      • Providing a high degree of personalised services via the use of dedicated account managers,
      • 100% compliance with all UK and EC Occupational Health & Safety Laws and Regulations, and,
      • A perfect transparency and openness with their client companies within the bounds of confidentiality and a strictly ethical approach

      Additional Information

      Dr Alim John Rehman speaks French

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