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Dr Ana Pokrajac

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Dr Ana Pokrajac


Diabetic Nephropathy and Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes in Young Adults, Use of Technology in diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy, Cardiovascular Risk Management and Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS.

About Ana

I am privileged to be able to help people with complex conditions involving diabetes, metabolism and hormones.

It can be a difficult to navigate area, even for healthcare professionals – to put unspecific symptoms and peculiar results into a context of a person’s experience. For me, this has been a special area of expertise, to detangle challenging health conundrums for patients and healthcare professionals, to prioritise, set goals and provide tools to achieve them. I take pride in looking after people holistically, not just one organ or a disease they might have.

Rarely people have just one health concern. Sometimes, these health concerns are related, but they always require consideration and a broad knowledge of other specialties. My particular interest lies in managing situations and supporting people affected by more than one condition. Often these conditions arise from metabolic syndrome and diabetes leading to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other organ dysfunction. Where needed, I link with distinguished colleagues from other specialties to provide multidisciplinary care.

Having been actively involved in research and appraisal of research-generated evidence, I have a good insight into latest developments in treatments and health technology, so I can ensure that you, as a patient of mine, have a care at the cutting edge of the latest scientific evidence.

Through my work with patients’ charities like + Diabetes UK+, I have been an active patient advocate. I have been involved in lobbying decision makers to improve policies around environment leading to obesity, diabetes and hormonal abnormalities. I have given evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group and the Westminster Health in a support of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Programme in the UK and diabetes service provision.

Dr Pokrajac’s other national roles include Committee Member for Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) and ABCD-Renal Association special interest group core member producing national guidelines for the management of diabetes and CKD.

Dr Pokrajac is an active fundraiser for charities for children with special needs and underprivileged communities world-wide. She is a mum who enjoys singing, swimming and cooking that her bellowed ones find intermittently enjoyable.

NHS & Academic Posts

West Herts Hospital NHS Trust.


Diabetes & Endocrinology, GIM.


  • Diabetes UK National Clinical Champion
  • Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) committee member
  • ABCD - Renal Association guidelines writing group

Additional Languages

Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Italian.

+44 (0)800 0483 330

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