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About Himender

Dr Himender Makker is a Consultant Respiratory Physician with a special interest in Sleep Medicine.

He specialises in diagnosis and management of sleep-related breathing disorders, and established and developed sleep services at the UCLH and North Middlesex University NHS Hospitals. He has extensive experience in managing different types of sleep disorders, and provides sleep assessment with a range of sleep studies.

Dr Makker works closely with surgeons for non-CPAP treatment options, such as mandibular advancement splint, laser assisted palatoplasty and bariatric surgery. Dr Makker has a number of professional memberships too, which include the British Thoracic Society, the British Sleep Society, and the European Respiratory Society.

He organises the UCLH Sleep Medicine course, and teaches a number of sleep-related courses at UCL. His DM Thesis was on ‘Mechanisms of Exercise-induced Asthma’, and he wrote a book on sleep disorders, entitled ‘Case histories in Sleep Medicine’. He has also published a large volume of book chapters, reviews, and papers in peer reviewed journals.


Dr Makker is interested in sleep disordered breathing (for example, snoring, sleep apnoea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome). He has also been the NHS Hospital’s Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer since 1998, and a specialist in asthma.


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