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About Raj

Mr Raj Mookerjee’s clinical and research interests focus on the complications of chronic liver disease, and the evolution of acute-on-chronic liver failure. Integral to this process is the understanding of the role of infection in provoking organ injury.

This is an area of on-going research, coupled with the development of prognostic markers that predict early onset of organ dysfunction and outcome in liver failure.

Studies of such pathophysiologically relevant biomarkers are also being used to help inform the design of potential new interventions in decompensated liver disease. The focus of the research program is thus translational, and facilitated by collaboration of several principal investigators within The Liver Failure Group at UCL.


Mr Mookerjee is particularly interested and expert in portal hypertension, and alcohol and fatty liver related hepatic injury.

NHS and Academic Posts

Senior Lecturer and Consultant Hepatologist, University College London Hospital.