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Mrs Lorraine Grover


Mrs Lorraine Grover

RGM, Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy

Registered Nurse, Qualified from St Bartholomew's Hospital.

About Lorraine

The sexual health of both men and women can have a substantial impact on their general wellbeing and interpersonal relationships.

Sexual dysfunction can occur at any age. I am a Psychosexual Nurse Specialist. My aim is to help both men and women overcome difficulties with sexual function, such as altered desire, vaginismus, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunctions can have both psychological and organic causes. Successful treatment may require sex therapy and/or pharmacotherapy. Sex therapy can help to increase your sensual and sexual awareness. There are now a variety of therapies available for erectile dysfunction. The choice is entirely yours. I can help you make this decision after a discussion about the various options that suit your circumstances.

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