Introducing our six "Super-Specialities"

Our Six "Super-Specialties"

Today at London Medical, our team of world-class specialists can provide highly personalised clinical care across a very wide range of conditions. But in six specific areas, we can justifiably claim unmatched breadth and depth of expertise.

World-class care from the UK’s leading private specialist outpatient clinic, based on over 25 years’ experience caring for thousands of diabetes patients, of all ages.

Closely connected to diabetes, this speciality focuses on hormones, and conditions due to hormonal dysfunction. High level expertise is crucial for correct diagnosis and in providing complete care, and we have no fewer than 10 eminent consultants specialising in this field.

Heart disease prevention and treatment
A more rigorous and better connected approach to accurately assessing your risk, and taking effective steps to reduce it, including leading-edge treatments for reducing cholesterol, and expert management of coronary artery disease, heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias.

Weight management
Unmatched expertise in developing personalised made-to-measure weight management programmes, using the latest science and medication (as well as bariatric surgery, when necessary) to help you achieve, and maintain, a healthy weight, for ever.

Eye health
A dedicated service from a team of consultants with specialist expertise in every type of eye disease, using the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment.

Family GP service
With appointments at a time to suit you, and based on a belief in building long-term relationships between doctor and patient.



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