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Heart Disease Prevention

How healthy is your heart? Whether you have a reason for concern, such as high cholesterol, or you would just like to be sure you are in good cardiac shape, London Medical is right at the leading edge of cardiovascular disease prevention.
Our cardiac consultants are among the most eminent currently practising in London; and, as we’ll explain, the techniques we use to assess your risk of heart attack are some of the most advanced and rigorous available in the UK, providing a deeper insight into any potential problems, and how they be avoided. 

Your heart and cholesterol: understanding the threat

You probably know that if you have high cholesterol, you are in danger of developing heart disease. But, in fact, conventional testing of cholesterol is a very crude way of identifying whether you are at risk.  As many as 50% of patients with normal cholesterol are still at much higher than average risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

And, whatever your cholesterol, simply reducing it – probably by taking statins – isn’t necessarily enough to ensure your heart remains healthy in the long term.

Effective heart disease prevention starts with getting your risk properly assessed – for you, personally, using the latest testing methods.

A personal in-depth assessment of your heart health

In addition to checking your cholesterol, we offer a wide range of other tests that help us accurately assess your cardiovascular risk, some of them unique to London Medical.

These include an ultrasound of your carotid arteries, to measure the lining thickness and the size of plaques; and a coronary artery calcium score, used in conjunction with the blood tests for advanced lipoprotein analysis.

At London Medical, we have been developing accurate, non-invasive ways to assess the condition of your arteries since we started 25 years ago.

And today we’re the only private clinic offering such a thorough and comprehensive risk assessment for future heart disease, while minimising your exposure to contrast or radiation through imaging studies.

Know your risk, manage your risk

Once we have an accurate picture of your heart’s current state of health, we can help you protect it, by taking a joined-up approach to managing all the risk factors – stepping up the intensity of treatment for patients at higher risk.

We’ll connect you with all the relevant expertise, right here at London Medical – whether you need a personalised weight management programme, leading edge treatment for diabetes, or help with giving up smoking.

As for medication to protect your heart, with us, it’s never just about taking a statin. There are many other cholesterol-lowering drugs, which may be better suited to your particular condition.

For example, if your cholesterol is very high for genetic reasons, you may benefit from being treated with the incredibly effective new PCSK9 inhibitor drugs, which we were among the first to use at London Medical.

How we’ll help protect your heart

  • Special genetic markers for hyperlipidaemia, cardiovascular markers and statin myopathy
  • Expert guidance on nutrition for patients with lipid disorders and heart disease
  • Full lipid profile and risk factor assessment
  • LDL subfractionation advanced lipid profile, with LDL and HDL particle number measurements
  • Early detection and monitoring of arteriosclerosis
  • Special blood tests for metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes
  • New PCSK9 inhibitors for optimum cholesterol reduction

Other heart matters: it all connects

Assessing heart disease risk, and helping patients manage it, is a particular focus for us at London Medical. But we also provide joined-up expertise of the highest quality in general cardiology, including all forms of treatment for coronary artery disease, valve disease, high blood pressure and heart failure, as well as advice on cardiac rehabilitation.

So whatever happens, your heart is in the very best hands at London Medical.

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