The SmartWeight approach to weight loss

Introducing SmartWeight

Devised and directed by an expert team, who together have over 30 years of experience in managing weight management problems, the London Medical SmartWeight™ programme focuses on achieving and sustaining a healthy weight forever.

Moving away from drastic weight loss as a goal, the programme focuses instead on long-term weight management and health and addressing the underlying relationship with food to allow a more “holistic” basis for approaching well-being.

We target this gut-brain axis in a personalised way, following a tailor-made recommendation based on the most up-to-date dietary thinking, regular support and the use of medication, including the remarkable new-generation weight-loss drug Saxenda. The goal is not only to reduce weight but to prevent you from regaining it in the long term. To help you achieve this, our formidable multidisciplinary team SmartWeight™ team of expert will be right behind you, all the way.

Hormone problems: a new understanding

The latest medical understanding is that the bowel has many key hormones that control appetite, and may, therefore, cause weight management problems. So it’s very important that we have expert endocrinologists (hormone specialists) in our group of consultants.

Although patients often believe their obesity stems from deficiency in thyroid hormone, which would result in a low metabolic rate, other hormones may also be responsible. For example, cortisol and the common condition polycystic ovarian syndrome are known to be associated with insulin resistance, increased risk of arterial diseases, cholesterol and glucose problems.

Increasingly, the drugs that will be most effective in helping patients lose weight will be derived from hormones produced in the bowel. And the first of these, Saxenda (or liraglutide), is already being used with great success in our SmartWeightTM programme.

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