The SmartWeight Team at London Medical

The SmartWeight Team

The team at London Medical is a coordinated group of dedicated experts, working together in a joined-up way to help you achieve your goals.

The lead health professional is Dr Christina Prechtl, who has worked with obese patients for many years. She is currently engaged in groundbreaking clinical trials at Imperial College London, to prove the efficacy of weight loss tools.

Together with Carin Hume, our Senior Clinical Dietitian, the programme will be initiated and explained to you at first visit.  Our nutritionists are skilled at interviewing and establishing the nature of the problem you have – and the relative importance of behaviour, psychological issues, dietary knowledge, will power and genetic factors, in your particular case. They will discuss with you in depth the various different in which you can begin to take control of your weight.

All patients will see one of our consultant endocrinologists, Dr Harvinder Chahal, Dr Ralph Abraham or Dr Alex Miras, and medication will be prescribed when appropriate.

We will also review other important health issues – such as the risk of heart disease and stroke, hypertension, diabetes or hormone deficiencies –  and make recommendations for treatment. We’ll explain the side-effects and benefits of any medication prescribed for you.

Dr Prechtl and our two other Senior Clinical Dietitians, Symone Genovezos and Ms Carin Hume, provide psychological therapy and dietary support as required, for all patients Between them, they have 15 years of expertise in helping patients with the latest dietetic approaches and are able to tailor treatments to the individual.

In addition, Dr Prechtl has experience in helping patients manage their relationship with food, and to understand their eating patterns better, by using various techniques and therapies, including CBT and cognitive analytical therapy (CAT).  She is expert and highly experienced in conducting psychological assessments of patients with weight problems.

Patients with underlying psychological difficulties, and in need of specialised help, will be referred to our psychiatrist Dr Samantha Scholtz. She is highly experienced in helping patients understand the psychological reasons behind weight problems, and  the psychological consequences associated with weight change, and will help achieve the mind-set to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Patients who require bariatric surgery advice are referred exclusively to Mr Ahmed Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon and Head of the Bariatric Surgery Unit at Imperial College.

Obese patients with sleep apnoea difficulty are referred to Dr Himender Makker, Consultant Respiratory Physician.

Musculoskeletal disease with symptoms can be treated either by Nikos Stamos, our physiotherapist or Mr Haroon Mann, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.



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