Working in close collaboration with you, we will devise a personal treatment plan that will help you achieve sustained well-being and control over your condition, using the latest education and technological advances available.

Our Care Plan pioneers a different approach for people with type 1 diabetes and is designed to help you achieve their goals and more.

The main guiding principles are:

  • To establish the most effective insulin treatment for you and to fine-tune that treatment for optimal well-being and freedom.
  • To agree a treatment plan that is achievable, appropriate to the your needs personal to you – and not defined by government or national guidelines.
  • To ensure you have access to education appropriate to your needs with respect to content and method of delivery.
  • To empower you to understand and self-manage your condition more effectively and to be actively participant in improving your health. We encourage our patients to use tools for self-management to learn from carbohydrate counting courses and to use the latest diabetes treatment and technology.
  • To be innovative in diabetes care, offering the very latest and best available safe therapies.
  • To support you in learning to live with diabetes, and be your champion if you feel you have been unsupported.

If you want to find out more about the London Diabetes Type 1 Care Plan, look on our website on or phone us on 08000 483330.

Type 1 Care Plan – key features

Personalised care:  As a member of the Care Plan, you will benefit from a package of care tailored specifically to your individual goals and needs.

Speed: unlike the NHS, we’re able to offer appointments on every clinic day and at short notice – where at all possible –with a specialist consultant physician.

Affordability: Care Plan pricing is clear with no hidden costs.

Flexible payment options: monthly payment plans are available to help you spread the cost of ongoing care.

Team approach: London Diabetes has a dedicated diabetes team including specialist consultants, dietitians, and diabetes specialist nurses. If wider care is required then we also have an in-house team that includes ophthalmologists, podiatrist, cardiologists, psychologists, and gastrointestinal expertise.

One-stop-shop convenience: London Diabetes provides complete, joined-up top-to-toe care in a single, easy to access location.

Latest technology and treatments: our reputation gives us access to the most advanced treatments and drugs to provide state-of-the-art solutions in the management of diabetes.

Better information: we’ll help you learn about your diabetes, to understand it better, with easily digestible information via your chosen medium.

What’s included in the Care Plan?

  • Annual consultation with a consultant diabetologist
  • Annual foot check (as part of the consultation with the diabetologist)
  • Full Biochemistry analysis
  • Annual fundus examination with report and eye pressure measurements
  • Two consultations a year with a member of the diabetes team focusing on education, support or treatment changes where needed
  • Online/telephone consultations in potentially urgent situations (two per year)
  • One free CGM per year
  • Free download of glucose meter readings at the clinic 3 times a year
  • In-depth assessment of knowledge levels and personal goals
  • Access to online teaching modules for type 1 diabetes
  • Regular updates and news
  • Discounted extra continuous glucose monitoring when needed
  • 10% discount on medication purchased from London Medical Pharmacy

Options and additional services

You can “top up” or add optional extras to your Care Plan, at any time. Optional extras can include regular video consultations, continuous glucose monitoring, and special tests on liver, sleep apnoea and biochemistry.

How does it work?

The London Diabetes Care Plan is a continuous care scheme, which means you have constant support in managing their diabetes. We have a dedicated team of experts for you to call upon at any time, in addition to the defined benefits of the scheme. The minimum term of plan membership is two years. If you require extra services you can select these with the help of your support team (see tariff sheet).

What does it cost?

Two payment options are available:

Option 1: One-off payment of £1,500 on commencement of two-year plan

Option 2: Joining fee of £475 followed by seventeen monthly payment instalments of £69 (total cost: £1,648)

This is the total price you will pay for the benefits listed. There are no hidden costs within the Plan.