Type 2 diabetes: a 360° approach to successful management

Type 2 Diabetes

By far the commonest form of diabetes, type 2 is often a “silent” disease, going undetected for many years. Diagnosed or not, it poses serious threats to long-term health and wellbeing – including greatly increasing a patient’s risk of a heart attack or stroke.

At the London Diabetes Centre, we have world-class expertise in the intensive management of glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure, which is crucial to preventing damage to key organs such as the heart, eyes and kidneys.

Experts in weight management

We are also experienced in developing personalised weight management programmes, another vitally important aspect of reducing the risks that come with type 2 diabetes.

But, above all, what sets us apart is all-round, 360° approach to helping you live as healthily as possible with diabetes.

Helping you learn to manage your condition

Our specialist team of consultants, dietitians and nurses will work closely with you, to both keep you motivated you and help you learn how you can best manage your condition – from using our advanced Flash Glucose Monitoring System, to making important changes in your lifestyle.

From our long experience, we know that the more you can learn, and the more fully you can understand your condition, the better you’ll be able to live with it.

To find out more about our leading edge expertise in type 2 diabetes care, and our London Diabetes Type 2 Care Plan, visit our specialist diabetes website londondiabetes.com or phone us on 08000 483330.



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