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Heart Attack Prevention

Heart attack prevention

Worried about your heart health?

Heart and circulatory diseases are one of the UK’s biggest killers, causing a death every three minutes. But the good news is that you and your doctor can work together to protect your heart. London Medical can provide cutting-edge cardiac care, so that you can keep your heart healthy and pumping.

Regular health checks, control of chronic conditions and lifestyle changes are the most effective ways of preventing a heart attack. London Medical’s cardiac consultants are world-leaders in cardiovascular disease prevention. Whether you are concerned about symptoms or have a family history of heart attack, they can assess your personal risk for future cardiac disease and provide treatment and support to help you maintain your heart health.

Heart health tests

London Medical offers an in-depth assessment of your personal chance of developing heart disease in the future. A range of the latest tests and techniques are available in our laboratory and state-of-the-art imaging suite. The results are used to identify risk factors and evaluate your current heart health.

Hypertension isn’t always something you’re aware of. Your blood pressure will be checked, so that any problems can be treated.

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    Diabetes also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, London Medical is the UK’s most trusted private diabetes clinic. Special blood tests for metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes can be performed. If diabetes or pre-diabetes is identified, you will be offered the very best advice, support and care.

    Cholesterol analysis

    Health headlines shout that high cholesterol levels put you in danger of developing heart disease. But the truth is more complex and nuanced. Conventional cholesterol tests don’t tell the whole story. As many as 50 percent of people with apparently normal cholesterol are still at much higher than average risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

    London Medical offers more detailed cholesterol analysis and advanced lipid profiling. LDL particle number is among the most powerful tools we have to predict the risk of future heart attack, currently this test is uniquely available at London Medical.

    The expert physicians will interpret the results in relation to your other risk factors, your general health and the results of our cardiac assessment. This thorough approach provides better understanding, avoids unnecessary treatment and helps ensure your heart remains healthy in the long term.

    Working together to reduce your risk

    Stopping smoking, achieving a healthy BMI and eating a balanced diet are all important in optimising heart health. With access to expert support from many different specialities, all under one roof, London Medical can help. Whether you need a personalised weight management programme, exercise or nutritional advice, leading-edge treatment for diabetes, or support with giving up smoking, the specialists can help you help your heart.

    Where necessary, the consultants at London Medical will prescribe the latest medication to protect your heart. It’s not just about taking a statin, important as this may be. They will offer the best drugs for your individual needs, based on their extensive experience and the latest research evidence. For example, if your cholesterol is very high for genetic reasons, you may benefit from being treated with the ground-breaking new PCSK9 inhibitor drugs, which London Medical were one of the first centres to use. Your heart is in the very best hands at London Medical.

    Effective heart protection

    Once the cardiac specialists have an accurate picture of your heart’s health, they can help you protect it. By changing your lifestyle and having regular check-ups to keep an eye out for diabetes, high cholesterol levels and hypertension, you can stay healthy and well.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    A heart attack is also known as a myocardial infarction. It happens when one the vessels that supply blood to the muscles in the heart gets blocked. This can be caused by a fatty deposit breaking off and a clot forming. The thrombosis cuts off the blood supply to part of the muscle causing pain. Without prompt treatment, the muscle will be damaged permanently and the heart function may be impaired.

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