Heart Disease Prevention

Reduce your risk of heart disease

Heart Disease Prevention

Using advanced diagnostic tests, our eminent cardiac consultants take a uniquely thorough approach to assessing, and reducing your risk of heart disease. And with the right management, it can often be prevented entirely.

We use the latest genetic and biochemical lipoprotein markers, and non-invasive imaging, to help diagnose the risk of a heart attack or stroke. It’s critical that the outcomes of these diagnostic tests are interpreted quickly and accurately so we can any risks.

Our cardiac consultants and lipidologists are all experts in the interpretation of these cutting edge diagnostic tests. Early management with diet, exercise, drug therapy, and regular follow-ups have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. With this being the case, everyone in our team works diligently to provide services which help to keep this risk as low as it can be.


  • Heart attack risk prevention
  • LDL subfractionation advanced lipid profile, with LDL and HDL particle number measurements
  • Early detection and monitoring of arteriosclerosis
  • Special blood tests for the metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes
  • Experience and use of the new PCSK9 inhibitors (Repatha and Praluent)
  • Special genetic markers for hyperlipidaemia, cardiovascular markers and statin myopathy
  • Medical nutrition therapy education for patients with lipid disorders and heart disease
  • Full lipid profile and risk factor assessment

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