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Heart Protection Plan

An executive heart health check specially designed to identify and reverse your risk of heart disease

It’s never too early to prioritise your heart health

Did you know that more than 50% of people with heart disease are missed by standard screening tests? 

That’s because simple cholesterol tests are insufficient at grading risk for future heart attacks. Without a true understanding of your risk, getting the right level of treatment is impossible – especially if you are one of the many individuals with hidden risk factors.  

Heart attacks and strokes are two of the most common health scares of our time, yet most people only prioritise treatment after they’ve experienced symptoms or a cardiac event. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can now be treated proactively before a heart attack happens to reverse the arterial thickening that characterises coronary heart disease. 

The Heart Protection Plan at London Medical delivers the most thorough and actionable review of your future risk for arterial disease. You’ll see an experienced consultant who will take the time to accurately assess your risk and deliver a personalised treatment plan using the most advanced diagnostics and treatment methods currently available.

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World-class cardiologists and experts in metabolic disease


Cutting-edge diagnostic methods to assess your heart disease risk

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Access to the latest lipid-lowering medications


A holistic Care Plan tailored to you

Take control of your heart health today.

Who can benefit from our Heart Protection Plan?

Whatever your concerns, anyone who wants to be more proactive about protecting their greatest asset would benefit from London Medical’s cardiac-specific executive checkup.

The Heart Protection Plan at London Medical is an excellent way of learning about your heart health with greater precision, especially if you have: 

  • Suffered a heart attack, stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)
  • Been treated with a stent or diagnosed with angina
  • Experienced erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Experienced pains in the legs on exercise (claudication)
  • A family history of heart attack or stroke before the age of 65 years
  • Familial hyperlipidaemia or very high cholesterol
  • Abdominal obesity
  • A history of past smoking

What is included in the Heart Protection Plan?

When you choose the Heart Protection Plan, you’ll get a thorough assessment of your current cardiovascular health and personalised, holistic advice from additional experts on how to best improve your ongoing health.

What to expect 

As standard, the Heart Protection Plan includes the following:

  • A one-hour consultation with a consultant cardiologist, metabolic physician or lipids consultant
  • A 30-minute nutrition assessment with our dietitian or physiotherapist
  • A full report of your results and personalised Care Plan
  • Immediate commencement of treatment if required
  • Liaison with you or your GP should treatment be required

Included exams

Your executive heart check-up will include the following diagnostic testing:

  • Height, weight, body composition, spirometry, ankle-brachial index, urinalysis and blood pressure
  • Routine eye check – visual acuity and intraocular pressures
  • Comprehensive routine pathology including 23 biochemistry tests, a full haematology profile, HbA1c, thyroid function, Vitamin D, BNP, a complete lipid profile, plus:   
    • Men have PSA, testosterone, SHBG and LH levels taken  
    • Women after the age of 45 years have oestradiol, FSH and LH levels taken
  • Advanced metabolic and cardiac markers and advanced lipoprotein subfractionation sent to the Cleveland HeartLab
  • London Medical’s signature Insulin Resistance Panel (fasting insulin, glucose, adiponectin, leptin)
  • CARDIO InCode genetic analysis to obtain a comprehensive risk assessment using an individual coronary genetic risk score
  • TrueCheck Intelli screen for current cancer cells in the blood
  • Treadmill exercise ECG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Quantitative carotid ultrasound study with 3D plaque volumetric measurements
  • Aortic abdominal ultrasound
  • DEXA body composition assessment

Additional optional exams

  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (BPro) and 24-hour central aortic systolic pressure monitoring (CASP)
  • FibroScan, a non-invasive screening to determine liver health if FIB4 >1.3
  • Overnight sleep apnoea screening
  • A general genetic screen for hereditary susceptibility to cancers 
  • LIPID inCode genetic testing for Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)

The latest methods of determining heart disease risk

At London Medical, we use the latest and most advanced methods to uncover genetic factors or other hidden risks for atherosclerosis and heart disease not identified by standard screening. 

Our executive heart check-up includes the following unique tests to get a precise and accurate picture of your heart health:

  • Quantitative 3D carotid imaging studies to follow up progression or regression of plaques volumetrically
  • Advanced lipoprotein analysis with NMR lipoprotein particle numbers, oxidised LDL, myeloperoxidase, Lp-PLA2 and lipoprotein (a) measurements to help assess risk and current management of cholesterol parameters
  • London Medical’s signature Insulin Resistance Panel to assess the risk of future diabetes and the extent of Metabolic Syndrome, a major risk factor for future cardiovascular events
  • Polygenic risk analysis using CARDIO inCode genetic analysis
  • A more direct assessment of your heart attack risk every three years:
    • For those over 55 years or at high risk, this would be a coronary CT angiogram with optional CARI-HEART software analysis to determine the risk of a heart attack in the future   
    • For those without serious risk factors and under the age of 55 years, we advise a simple CT coronary calcium score   
  • Resting and exercise ECGs, stress echocardiograms and echocardiograms used year-on-year to monitor your ongoing heart function

Protect yourself against cancer with early detection screening

At London Medical, we offer Trucheck Intelli, a simple blood test that can detect cancer cells in the blood before you present symptoms. Trucheck is a single test that can detect over 70 types of cancer, including many common cancers such as breast, lung, bowel and prostate, as well as others that are not routinely screened for.

This revolutionary test can detect circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and their likely organ of origin. Your team at London Medical can then follow up with targeted investigations and treatment. Trucheck Intelli detects the cancers it screens for 95% of the time.

The benefit of Trucheck screening is that it detects cancer before symptoms present. And early detection means that you’ll have better care options and a greater chance of beating your cancer. Whether you have personal risk factors or you’re just looking for peace of mind, Trucheck Intelli is a simple test that can help you stay ahead of cancer.

Personalised holistic care from top experts

Following your thorough assessment, one of our experts will take the time to present your results to you in a way that ensures you understand all the information and know which actions and lifestyle changes you should make to improve your ongoing health.

Should you require lipid-lowering drugs, we offer the latest medications from the convenience of our in-house pharmacy. Our experts have experience with their use and potential side effects to ensure your medication matches your risk profile and needs.  

If you require additional treatment, London Medical is a clinic that specialises in metabolic disease. We have experienced cardiologists guiding us in all departments, including interventional consultants and experts in arrhythmia and heart failure. Further advice and help managing your risk factors – smoking, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity – are available in-house from our world-class consultants. 

Furthermore, we have experts in nutrition and physiotherapy to help you achieve your personal goals in wellness and longevity. 

What does the Heart Protection Plan cost?

The cost of your executive heart health check is £5,000.

*Every three years, the plan includes additional testing for CT coronary angiograms or coronary CT calcium scoring, which comes at an additional cost.
**Any optional add-on tests are not included in the base price.

See measurable results and improvement

We understand that life can be fast-paced, and it’s easy to overlook your heart health – especially if your total cholesterol is not a cause for concern.

But the reality is that standard tests fail to identify many people at risk for heart disease. Wouldn’t it be better to invest in yourself and your future by taking a more proactive approach to your heart health?

When you participate in our Heart Protection Plan, we can help you identify hidden risks and design a personalised plan for your optimal heart health. We have decades of experience in helping individuals manage and reverse heart disease before the need for interventional treatment.

Each year you participate in the plan, you can monitor your progress and improvement. You and your family will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protecting your health and well-being for years to come.

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