A comprehensive range of treatments and services


Huge advances in the understanding of HIV can now enable people with the virus to manage it successfully, and lead healthy lives. Our expert team offers a comprehensive range of treatments and services for anyone with HIV, or wishing to prevent it.

HIV is a virus which can be contracted when fluid affected with HIV comes into contact with someone who is not – usually via a mucous membrane, damaged tissue, or directly into the bloodstream.

The virus targets the body’s T-cells, which makes the immune system less effective at targeting infections and diseases. While HIV is something that will be be present in the body for life once it’s there, it is possible to take steps to minimise the risk of HIV, and to manage the virus in the event that it is contracted.

London Medical offers a comprehensive range of treatments, services, and management options for anyone with HIV, or for anyone who wishes to prevent it.

HIV care

  • CD4 and HIV viral load monitoring
  • Anti-retroviral therapy initiation and maintenance
  • Conception advice for HIV discordant couples
  • Conception and contraception advice for HIV positive women
  • Management of HIV in pregnancy
  • Dietary advice
  • Psychological support

HIV prevention

  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Referral to risk reduction therapy

HIV testing

  • Finger prick ‘Instant’ tests and laboratory blood tests

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