Lipid Disorders

Diagnosis, treatment and support for patients with high cholesterol

Lipid Disdorders

The London Medical Lipid Disorders Clinic provides diagnosis, treatment and support for patients with high cholesterol.

Backed by a team of Echocardiographers, technicians and dieticians, our consultants are able to profile your lipids and their associated molecules. This assessment also investigates the thickness of artery-blocking materials, and identifies whether calcium is affecting the diameter of your arteries.

Tests like these allows for treatment to be tailored more precisely to the risks of an individual. As well as this, managing the side-effects of the treatments used is an important part of our work. To this end we employ special gene tests and expertise to help a patient stay on life-saving therapy without the intolerable side-effects.

Come and see us if:

  • There's a history of a heart attack, stroke, transient ischaemic attack, coronary artery stent or angina
  • You suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • You have diabetes or high blood pressure
  • If you suffer from claudication
  • There's a family history of premature cardiovascular disease
  • You're a smoker, or have been in the past
  • Your waistline's increasing

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