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Smart Gold

What does Smart Gold include?

(12 weeks) £895

Our Smart Gold packages provide a longer programme with optional add-ons, so we can create a comprehensive and highly personalised plan for those who may benefit from expert physio and psychological support alongside tailored healthy lifestyle menus and weight management drug regimes. Your menu plan will be individually devised by a specialist Dietician and you’ll be supported with a series of follow-up reviews and consultations along the way.

The programme starts with:

  • A comprehensive set of blood tests
  • Resting metabolic rate assessment
  • DEXA Body Scan
  • Personalised health report
  • Consultation with Dietician
  • Review with Weight Management Medical Consultant and
  • Smart scales set-up at home, so you can closely monitor
    your progress as you go

Alongside your personalised 12-week healthy lifestyle menu and diet plan, you’ll have the option to tailor your programme further by choosing your add-ons (see below).

These will all be closely monitored and supported along the way, along with opportunities to adapt the programme and check-in with your Health Coach. Your Smart Gold package will also include:

  • Review with Health Coach during weeks 3, 6 and 9
  • Follow-up consultation with Dietician during weeks 4 and 8
  • Second DEXA Body Scan and final in-depth review with Health Coach at week 12
  • A personalised health report outlining your results and achievements along with advice on weight maintenance and next steps
  • Smart Scales

We recommend this package in conjunction with the add on below.


Why not add our Smart Drugs package?

Smart Drugs (recommended for all suitable clients)

Weight management drug regime for the 12-week duration, in conjunction with an in-depth consultation with a Weight Management Medical Consultant

Smart Physio (optional)

Tailored exercise plan for the 12-week duration, designed in conjunction with an in-depth consultation with expert Physios

Smart Psychology (optional)

Additional tailored guidance and support designed in conjunction with in-depth consultations with expert Weight Reduction Psychologists



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