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About Anthony

Dr Hammond trained in Edinburgh, Bristol, Bath and London and was a Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist in Kent for 20 years. He now works mainly in the private and independent sector. In addition to broad experience in the management of all forms of arthritis, he has developed special skills in the interventional management of spinal pain, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of intervertebral disc-related back pain and sciatica.


Rheumatology and GIM.

NHS and Academic posts

Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist, The Horder Centre for Arthritis and The Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery.

From the consultant

I continue to enjoy the practice of medicine, particularly continuing to developing interventional skills to meet the unmet needs of back pain patients, the opportunities to travel, learn and teach.

I’m proud to have built and lead a successful Rheumatology department at MTW NHS Trust, integrating advanced clinical and research work – and also of my involvement in planning and building The Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery (KIMS Hospital), the largest and only ITU equipped private hospital outside London. I also chair the board here. Bringing day case endoscopic discectomy to patients in Kent and percutaneous disc decompression by Disc FX to the UK as part of the development of a comprehensive suite of  minimally invasive spinal pain treatments.


Here, under one roof, we offer patients a very wide range of expertise and treatments, provided by leading consultants in their specialist fields. More important still, our world-class experts are able to work as a single team, to develop a fully integrated treatment plan for each patient.