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ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™

18th June 2019

  Innovative Contact Lens Technology   Around 64% of the…

How to navigate Easter – without eating too much chocolate

26th April 2019

Whether you celebrate the Easter season or not, the period…

Think you aren’t a runner? Think again

26th April 2019

As the London Marathon nears, top fitness trainer REBEKAH ABDEEN…

Insulin pumps: What you need to know

18th March 2019

The insulin pump has radically transformed the quality of life…

Meet the Team: Invoicing’s Mariah Ribeiro

18th March 2019

Mariah joined London Medical ‘s invoicing team last year from…

6 ways to prevent heart disease

13th February 2019

Professor James Scott explains how we can all reduce the…

London Medical wins at Private Healthcare Awards 2019

21st January 2019

London Medical and the London Diabetes Centre have won two…

Miru 1 day UpSide Contact Lenses

9th January 2019

Our Contact Lens practitioner Elaine Lucas now has available for…

How to Kick Start your Exercise Routine

4th January 2019

Turn that New Year’s resolution into a lasting habit. Keep…

Five golden rules for successful weight loss

2nd January 2019

It’s just two weeks into the new year, but by…

New to London Medical: Ozempic

12th December 2018

Wednesday 2nd January 2019 saw the UK launch of Ozempic…

How to Beat the Festive Fat Trap

10th December 2018

From casual pre-Christmas drinks to multi-course festive feasts, Consultant Dietitian…

Meet the Team: Senior Nurse Fatima Pengson

7th December 2018

Fatima joined the London Medical team in 2016. Here, she…

World Diabetes Day

7th December 2018

Public Health England estimates that almost 5 million people suffer…

BCLA Orthokeratology

16th September 2018

OPTIONS for contact lenses. Not worn during the day. Orthokeratology…

London Medical wins at Private Healthcare Awards 2018

30th January 2018

London Medical and the London Diabetes Centre have won two awards at the 2018 Private Healthcare Awards.

Record your insulin pen use on a smartphone

15th January 2018

A new Easylog disposable pen monitor, that fits on most common pen injectors, used to deliver insulin and GLP1 agonists, has just been passed for use in the EU. 

Obesity: a global crisis

12th January 2017

Research suggests that 28.2% of UK children aged between 2 and 15 are overweight or obese.

When might you need to see an Ophthalmologist?

20th December 2016

Most of us will never bump into an Ophthalmologist, that…

Reverse your Type 2 Diabetes

21st November 2016

Type 2 Diabetes is commonly referred to as a chronic,…

Exercise and Diabetes

14th November 2016

Did you know that exercise is a brilliant form of…

What is Advanced Lipid Analysis?

28th October 2016

Standard lipid testing is a well-established way to predict and…

Diabetes Insights Day Recap

21st October 2016

Following the success of our London Diabetes Centre insights day, we…

Flu season is almost upon us

7th October 2016

Flu season is almost upon us so it pays to…

Introducing Septina9 – a simple blood test for detecting colorectal cancer

14th September 2016

Advances in gene technology now allow us to identify abnormal growths…

How diabetes labels are changing

26th August 2016

Over 10% of the world’s population has diabetes. That’s a…

London Medical and the A6 Touchcare System

26th August 2016

A Chinese company called Medtrum have introduced the A6 Touchcare…

Haemochromatosis: Prevention and treatments

11th August 2016

SHOULD I CHANGE MY DIET? Some websites suggest avoiding high-iron…

Haemochromatosis: The causes and risk factors

25th July 2016

Haemochromatosis causes the body to absorb and store too much…

Is there a place for ‘off-piste’ medicine?

15th July 2016

NICE (or the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence)…

The latest advances in contact lens technology

30th June 2016

For a long time, coloured lenses were considered to be…

A quiet breakthrough in diabetic kidney disease

15th June 2016

Big-hitting clinical trials with good outcomes are always reserved for…

Diabetes Week is here

13th June 2016

From apps to gadgets and devices, it’s indeed an exciting…

What are the What are the implications of breathlessness?

2nd June 2016

It’s sometimes a struggle to describe breathlessness, because it’s not…

Three new treatment options for type 2 diabetes recommended by NICE

1st June 2016

Renowned diabetes specialist Dr Ralph Abraham has commented on this article published…

Gestational diabetes and diet

18th May 2016

Will I ever be able to eat carbohydrates again? Pregnancy…

How LILT could help to cure your chronic pain

17th May 2016

Early in my career, I realised that conventional medicine didn’t…

What’s a small gauge vitrectomy?

30th November 2015

A vitrectomy is a procedure to remove part or all…

Eye floaters: What are they? Are they serious?

27th November 2015

You may already know that your eyes are filled with…

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