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Here at London Medical, we are dedicated to your child’s total health and well-being. Whether you are looking for ongoing paediatric support or a second opinion from a specialist paediatrician, our world-class consultants deliver care you can trust in a warm and comfortable environment.

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    Support from infancy to adulthood

    Each stage in your child’s growth and development comes with its own challenges. Our children and young people services provide care that is tailored to your child’s individual needs as well as their age and maturity level. So whether you are concerned about your infant’s feeding and digestive issues or how to help your adolescent manage a chronic condition, our team has the experience to diagnose, treat and care for your child as they grow and develop.


    Personalised and

    compassionate care


    State-of-the-art diagnostics

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    World-class paediatric

    specialists and support staff

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    Holistic and family-centred


    Meet our paediatric specialists

    Our paediatric consultants are the top experts in their respective fields. In addition to our renowned general paediatricians, the team includes top paediatric diabetologists, endocrinologists, neonatologists, allergy specialists, obesity specialists and dieticians to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge care for children and young people of all ages.

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    Outstanding support staff and facilities

    When you’re worried about your child’s health, a healthcare visit can add stress on top of worry. But the friendly and caring staff at London Medical will do everything possible to make your experience as relaxed as it can be. Our team is made up of highly skilled paediatric nurses and technicians who perform the most complex nursing tasks with a warmth and easy skill that puts children and adolescents at ease.

    London Medical isn’t your typical hospital setting. We offer highly personalised, holistic care in a calm and caring environment. Our centrally located London clinic features top-notch paediatric staff, state-of-the-art facilities and an in-house pharmacy — all under one roof.

    Most importantly, we know that your child is not just a number in an overworked system. We make the time to get to know your concerns and challenges and partner with you to develop a care plan that works for your whole family.

    Our paediatric specialties

    We offer specialist treatment across a wide spectrum of common childhood illnesses and complex chronic conditions.

    Explore our paediatric specialties:

    Assessment of your child’s readiness for adult care

    Many paediatric clinics focus on the importance of your child’s transition — this is the time in an adolescent’s life when they move from paediatric care to adult care, often at a set age or cutoff time. Although this specific transition period from paediatric to adult care is important, we believe there is so much more to it than this.

    Our growth and development don’t stop just because we become legal age or move out of our family home. For young people, growth and development continue right up until the age of 25, with each individual reaching their full maturity at a time that is unique to them. Our consultants understand this varies for each individual young person. That’s why they will continue to treat their patients beyond the traditional transition time until they are ready to move on.

    So whether your child moves out of paediatric care when they are 18 or 25, you can be sure that their paediatric consultant has carefully considered their readiness and made a complete plan for their successful transition to adult care.

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    Why choose London Medical for your child’s care?

    When it’s your child’s health and well-being at stake, you naturally want to avoid any delay in getting a diagnosis and treatment. At London Medical, appointments are booked promptly, blood tests can be done on the same day in-house and results are shared without delay.

    Although we are focused on delivering outstanding care without the waiting times, that doesn’t mean you’ll be rushed through the process. Your consultant will take the time to get to know you and your child to ensure the best possible outcomes. We partner with you to create a personalised treatment plan that addresses the holistic needs of your child so they can thrive and reach their full potential.

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    London Medical is located in the Harley Street medical area. Together with top experts across a range of multi-disciplinary fields, we offer the finest facilities for your care, all under one roof.

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