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Patient Consent for Video Consultations

Video conferencing is suitable for straightforward treatment changes when the diagnosis is known or to initiate investigations that will further the patient’s care.

Thank you for choosing to consult with your consultant using video.

Video conferencing is suitable for straightforward treatment changes when the diagnosis is known. It is also suitable to initiate investigations that will further the patient’s care. This has advantages as well as limitations and it is important that you (or your carer or guardian) understand these and consent to our conditions in making this method of healthcare available to you.

If you are a new patient, a video consultation can be booked when all contemporaneous medical records, recent pathology and medications taken are available to the consultant. Completing the New Patient Information Form enables you to do this easily and it will then automatically go into your electronic medical record. It is the doctor who decides whether he has sufficient information to make a diagnosis or institute a recommendation for treatment safely. Please bear in mind that a consultant reserves the right to refuse a video consultation if this information is not available to him. It is always possible, if you do not have this to hand, that the information can be obtained from you verbally, but this will take time, and usually will require at least 30 minutes of additional video consultation time enquiry to fill in the New Patient Information Form. Reports, procedures or laboratory work done outside the UK where competence, reliability or validity cannot be corroborated, may require your consultant to qualify his opinion.

Follow up video consultations require all patients to update us on their clinical history, medicine changes, new pathology or test results and the names and contact details of new doctors involved in their care. Please be aware that, as it is a condition of Good Medical Practice (General Medical Council) , that we will inform all doctors involved in our care unless you expressly confirm separately that you do not wish this to happen.

When you consent to take part in the video consultation you agree to sharing all your relevant medical details with the clinic and agree to keep the clinic informed of any change in your clinical condition, your medication, or your primary doctor. The data we collect from you is used for the purposes of assessing your clinical needs and appropriate treatment. For more detailed information on how we use your data please visit our privacy policy here

If follow up with us is not planned, then you agree to confirm with us who, if you do not have a primary care practitioner we have reported to, is responsible for your ongoing care. Bear in mind that the booking process allows for a certain time for your consultation and, if it transpires that the allotted time is insufficient, that you will discuss with our administration continuing with your consultation at another booked time.

London Medical confirms that it will have checked your identity, confirmed the security and confidentiality of any shared information, and that your care will still follow the general requirements for Good Medical Practice from the GMC. Your clinical information and test results may be shared with other health care professionals with your knowledge and consent. Your doctor will advise if he feels that the video consultation is inappropriate for your care because you have complex medical needs or require a physical consultation and whether you should get more urgent local care.

Once you have this and the accompanying privacy notice please submit your consent below so that your booking can be confirmed. Cancellation charges apply if the consultation is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

You have been advised of all the risks, consequences and benefits of Telehealth. You may withhold or withdraw consent to video consultations at any time without affecting your right to future care of treatments. In the event of a dispute or claim, resolution will be resolved according to English Laws and regulation and will be raised with London Medical in the first instance.

If you wish to withdraw consent you can do so at any time by emailing

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