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The UK’s most comprehensive weight loss programme, SmartweightTM, One of the only consultant-led weight loss programmes in the UK.

Led by consultants with over 30 years of experience in smart, safe and sustainable weight loss, our friendly, experienced coaches will support you at every step to help you reach your target weight. Our innovative programme is coupled with highly-effective weight loss medications supervised by our team of specialist consultants.

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    One of the only consultant-led weight loss programmes in the UK

    Designed and managed by an expert team with over 30 years of experience in the field, our bespoke consultant-led approach combines diet, medically supervised weight loss drugs and healthy lifestyle advice so that you can achieve effective results that last.


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    Ongoing one-to-one support is a key feature of all weight management programmes, which includes remote and in-person reviews with your Health Coach at every stage of your plan. This means we are able to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments along the way if required, as well as ensuring you feel supported throughout.

    Are you obese and struggling to lose weight?

    The SmartWeightTM programme is designed to help people with obesity achieve safe and effective weight loss under the supervision of a specialist consultant.

    Here's what our services offer:

    • Expert guidance: Consultations with an experienced consultant who will design a personalized plan for you.
    • Medication management: Access to prescription GLP1 and GIP agonist drugs, currently in short supply, available from our Pharmacy.
    • Safe and responsible prescription: Our consultants are experienced in using these medications and will closely monitor your progress.
    • Comprehensive assessments:
      • Blood tests
      • Dexa body composition scan (to assess fat and muscle loss)
    • Discounted medication: Prescriptions are filled through our pharmacy with a 10% discount for SmartWeightTM programme participants.

    SmartweightTM programme cost:

    • SmartweightTM Start: £780 per year.
    • SmartweightTM Maintenance: £580 per year, this service is for those already stable on GLP1 medications (Ozempic, Rybelsus, Mounjaro)


    If you are serious about weight loss and want safe, supervised guidance from a specialist, the SmartWeightTM programme can help.

    This programme has been designed for patients who need advice and treatment for weight loss for medical reasons. Consultations for any other health issues will need an additional consultation booked which will be an additional fee incurred.

    Call 0800 483330 to book your first appointment.

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