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About London Medical

The evolution of London’s best-connected private specialist clinic

London Medical first opened its doors to patients back in 1991, as a specialist diabetes clinic. But diabetes affects almost every part of the body, so we very quickly started to widen our focus to provide first-class clinical care across the various conditions and problems commonly associated with the disease.

In addition to world-class expertise in every aspect of diabetes care, we soon built an outstanding reputation in the fields of ophthalmology, cardiology and endocrinology, as well as in obesity and weight management.

And today, this unique multidisciplinary “dream team” of leading specialists work together, within London Medical, as the London Diabetes Centre, in recognition of our unrivalled expertise in treating this condition.

World-class expertise, from head-to-toe

But London Medical’s evolution didn’t stop there. Realising how much our patients appreciated the convenience and connectedness of our “one-stop-shop” approach, we began to develop the wide range of specialist treatments that we offer today – attracting leading consultants, eager to practise state-of-the-art medicine in the exceptionally welcoming and patient-friendly environment we’ve created.

For a specialist Consultant appointment (no Doctor's referral required) or to get a second opinion, call +44 (0)800 0483 330 or make an enquiry online and we'll get back to you promptly.

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    Leading Edge Treatments and Technology

    To mention just a few examples of state-of-the-art medicine at London Medical:

    • We were the first to offer ground-breaking new treatments for diabetes, heart disease protection and weight loss, including medications such as Victoza®, Saxenda®, Mysimba®, Fiasp®, Repatha®, and Praluent®.
    • We measure the resting metabolic rate of patients before and during our weight management programme, which enables us to prescribe exactly the right calorie intake for effective weight-loss.
    • We were the first in the UK to offer diabetes patients comprehensive digital quantification of any nerve damage caused by their condition, enabling us to monitor its progress and take appropriate action.
    • Our advanced new ultrasound machine is capable of testing for fibrosis in the liver, a warning sign for potential cirrhosis in patients with diabetes, dyslipidaemia or obesity.
    • For patients with Dry Eye, we now use a state-of-the-art E-eye IPL machine that emits “cold light”, which acts on nerves to stimulate the tear-producing glands of the eyes.
    • We will be the first private clinic in the UK to offer the new Eversense implantable glucose sensor which is inserted under the skin and works for up to 190 days, providing continuous recording with great accuracy.
    Outstanding multidisciplinary team of cilinicians
    state of the art diagnostic equipment and medicines
    highest quality patient outcomes
    end to end integrated patient care

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    Corporate governance

    International Patients

    Going the extra mile to make you feel at home
    London has an international reputation for medical excellence, and many of our consultants are globally renowned experts in their fields. So it’s no surprise that patients come to London Medical from all over the world, for the very highest standards of joined-up care and the most advanced treatments.

    As a result, we’ve acquired a lot of practical experience in helping to make things as straightforward and stress-free as possible for patients from overseas.

    That includes speaking your language. As a multilingual clinic, we’ll be happy to provide an interpreter, if you need one.

    Paying for your treatment
    If your embassy or company is paying, we may have a direct settlement arrangement with them. If so, before you have any treatment at London Medical, you’ll need to provide a signed letter of guarantee from them.

    We will then contact them directly for payment, though if they are not paying the full amount, you will be responsible for meeting the outstanding costs.

    If you are paying for your own treatment, our team will be happy to advise on ways to pay.

    Now, what can we do for you?
    For a specialist Consultant appointment (no Doctor’s referral required) or to get a second opinion, call +44 (0)800 0483 330 or make an enquiry online and we'll get back to you promptly.

    Ways to pay

    When you book an appointment we will require you to provide valid credit card details, full details of our policy are here

    +44 (0)800 0483 330

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