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The UK's leading private specialist outpatient clinic

Our experienced team of specialists will listen to you and provide expert advice. They will work closely with you to develop care plans that are complete solutions, carefully tailored to reflect all your health needs

Our key care specialities

Today at London Medical, our team of world-class specialists can provide highly personalised clinical care across a very wide range of conditions. But in eight specific areas, we can justifiably claim unmatched breadth and depth of expertise.

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Why London Medical

World leading specialists

Our world-class specialists offer a breadth and depth of medical expertise in a seamless and holistic approach.

Individually, our specialists are some of the most highly respected in their field of medicine. But what really sets us apart is the way our team works together for the benefit of your health and wellbeing. Collectively, they offer a breadth and depth of medical expertise that is quite simply unmatched anywhere in the UK in a private clinic. Always working with you to understand your needs and match you with the most suitable expert and devising an effective care plan that works for you.

Here at London Medical, we believe that working in conjunction with your NHS care team we can help supplement your NHS care. With your agreement, we will keep your NHS care team including your NHS GP fully informed of the clinical care plan you are following.

Although you (or your health insurance provider if you have one) will need to pay for the services, we work hard to keep prices fair and reasonable. The tens of thousands of patients who have used our services tell us that we provide real value for money. See our reviews to see what our patients say about us.

If you’re unsure which of our consultants would be best suited to your needs, please do contact us.

Together, we’ll craft the perfect solution so you can focus on living your best life.

The UK's leading Diabetes Centre

At the clinic we know that you’re so much more than just a collection of symptoms and blood sugar readings.

We understand that living with a long-term condition can be complicated and overwhelming at times. That’s why we partner with you every step of the journey to help you get in control of your diabetes and stay that way.

As the UK’s leading and largest private diabetes clinic, we take a different approach to providing that support where everything is joined up and with affordable remote or face-to-face plans available.

Here under one roof with the finest facilities, we have a single team that combines cutting edge expertise in every aspect of diabetes care. This includes the leading specialists in their areas working alongside each other: consultant diabetologists, diabetes specialist nurses and dieticians along with cardiologists, clinical psychologists, podiatrists and ophthalmologists. We even have our own in-house pharmacy that carries the latest medication.

This joined up approach with you at the centre makes us unique, whether it is advising on weight management, cholesterol testing or how to get the best from pumps and sensors, we’re with you all the way.


The annual GHP awards shine a light on the industry's most dedicated organisations. They aim to recognise the achievements of the professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, and specifically appreciate organisations that promote innovative practices in the medical world.

About London Medical

The evolution of London's best-connected private specialist clinic

London Medical first opened its doors back in 1991, as a specialist diabetes clinic. As diabetes affects almost every part of the body, so we very quickly started to widen our focus to provide the very best clinical care across the various conditions and problems commonly associated with the disease.

The vision was to become the UK's leading private specialist outpatient clinic building an outstanding reputation in the fields of ophthalmology, cardiology and endocrinology, as well as in obesity and weight management. Using the very latest solutions and thinking, our experienced team of specialists will ensure they take time to listen to your concerns and deliver the best advice without fail. They will work closely with you to deliver care plans that are complete solutions, carefully tailored to meet your health needs.

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    London Medical is located in the Harley Street medical area. Together with top experts across a range of multi-disciplinary fields, we offer the finest facilities for your care, all under one roof.

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