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Three new treatment options for type 2 diabetes recommended by NICE

Renowned diabetes specialist Dr Ralph Abraham has commented on this article published by National Institute of Health and Care Excellence on 25th May which discussed three new treatment options for type 2 diabetes:

“This is indeed welcome news for NHS patients, but diabetes patients at the London Diabetes Centre have had no such restrictions for the last 2 years.

[…] diabetes doctors at London Medical prescribe according to an individual’s needs, often giving preference to a drug that will assist with weight loss, avoid hypoglycaemia and is cardioprotective. Of the three SGLT2 inhibitors currently available, empagliflozin has been shown to be protective for cardiovascular mortality and all three of them achieve weight loss and avoid hypoglycaemia.

The NHS is faced with increasing costs for the diabetes drug budget and the main way of stemming this tide is to give priority to safe drugs that help achieve weight loss. These are now readily available and many patients already benefit from them.”

If you wish to speak to Dr Abraham or another of our diabetes specialists, please do contact us.

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