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Sexual Health For The Over 50s

According to a recent scientific study, rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among over 50s doubled in the past decade. Like many clinics, we are seeing an increasing number of older adults with sexually transmitted diseases (STI) and HIV.

Many of those seeking help are newly single – perhaps through divorce, separation, or the death of their partners and have started new sexual relationships without using condoms. Others are women who have gone through the menopause who do not see the need for protection while older adult men believe condom use worsens their erectile dysfunction.

One contributory factor is believed to be the fact that over-50s are the fastest-growing demographic for those who use online dating!

At London Medical we have consultants from both genders and all our staff are fully trained to offer a non-judgmental and fully confidential service. We never inform your GP without your permission.

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