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Spotlight on our in-house pharmacy

Hi everyone, my name is Birol Aygun, and I am the pharmacist in charge of the London Medical Pharmacy. We are a hospital pharmacy, which means that in addition to supplying normal medications, we offer a range of specialist medications not usually available in local pharmacies, such as medications for rare conditions. We also offer a comprehensive range of equipment to support our diabetes patients, such as insulin pens, monitors and pumps. Our patients come from all around the UK and the world, and many of them have long-lasting conditions (such as diabetes). Because these conditions require regular reviews, I have got to know many of these patients very well.

Our in-house pharmacy is placed conveniently within London Medical to provide the most patient-centred care and professional support. Patients can collect their medicine right after their consultation, so it provides a holistic approach to patient care. When patients collect their medicine, we also provide them with additional advice and support by carrying out Medicines Use Reviews. These ensure that our patients take their medications safely and that they have the best support for continuous optimal care. Because lifestyle behaviours increase the risk of certain diseases, the pharmacy team also advises and inspires patients to make positive changes to their everyday routine. I very much enjoy these opportunities to talk to the patients, to hear about their progress and to offer advice.

One of the other advantages of being centrally located in the building is that the pharmacy team has frequent interactions with the consultants, who often come to the pharmacy to reassure patients and to discuss any complex issues with us. It is this feeling of being completely joined up with patients and consultants to provide outstanding patient-centred care which really sets this place apart. It is one of the main reasons why, after eight years, I am so excited to come to work every day. I always find new challenges and rewards.

Helping our patients is not just about looking after them when they are in the clinic. We try to provide the same level of support after their visit to ensure that they get their repeat medications at their convenience, either by collection or delivery to anywhere in the world. We choose our courier companies very carefully to ensure the medicines are never lost and that they arrive on time and in excellent condition. We even send reminders in case a patient forgets to order their medications.

London Medical is always changing, which is exciting for us in the pharmacy. It could entail getting new training on the latest insulin pumps, helping to set up our new clinic in Birmingham, building relationships with local businesses or running travel clinics. We are here to help, and every patient is important. So, next time you are in the clinic, come along if you have a question and we will try to help.

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