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How to Kick Start your Exercise Routine

How to Kick Start your Exercise Routine


Keep it interesting

Doing a variety of different activities can prevent exercise from becoming monotonous. Try a ClassPass membership, which allows you to try a huge range of different activities.

If jogging is more your speed, vary the route each time. The right soundtrack can help too, whether it’s a playlist, a podcast or an audio book. Try setting yourself mini-challenges, like not stopping until the end of the track or chapter.

Make it Sociable

Enlist a friend to be your gym buddy. If someone else is counting on you to turn up, you’ll be less likely to bail – and studies have found that those with close friends who exercise regularly are more likely to keep fit themselves. In New York and Los Angeles, upscale gym classes are also proving popular vehicles for client entertaining: work up a sweat, then do business over a smoothie afterwards.

Wear the right kit

Working out in sweat-wicking fabrics and supportive trainers is a far more pleasant experience than that old freebie t-shirt and decade-old joggers. While it won’t make the exercise any less challenging, the right kit will at least help you feel and look the part.

The hardest part is getting there

Once you’ve made it to the gym, your personal trainer or instructor will motivate you – it’s their job, so they’ll have plenty of incentives. And remember: the average gym class is just 45-60 minutes, yet the effects from a single workout can boost your metabolism and mood for the whole day.

The more often you go, the more fun it becomes

A single burpee can feel like torture when you’re starting out, but as your fitness improves, you’ll find it gets easier, and consequently, more fun. Small milestones like graduating to slightly heavier weights, or holding a plank for a few seconds longer are hugely rewarding and motivating.

Remember, nobody’s looking at you

It’s easy to feel self-conscious at the gym – typically full of mirrors and ultra-toned people – but the reality is that everyone else is more focused on their own workout than what you’re doing.

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