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Protecting our patients

Protecting our patients

Here at London Medical, we have devised a new floor plan to ensure all our patients can be looked after as safely as possible during the COVID-19 crisis.

We have taken great care to be certain that strict social distancing measures are being met, including the implementation of glass facades in the waiting area.

Patients can rest assured we are going above and beyond to make sure that we are able to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all your healthcare needs during this challenging time.

My patients and myself feel more comfortable given the numerous measures adopted at the London Medical against the spread of covid19. Well done and thank you for making the work environment a safe one.

Mr Hadi Zambarakji, Ophthalmologist

Out of all the practices (private and NHS) that I work at, I have found the London Medical to have the safest environment to work at. The personal protection is first class and the layout of the clinic is very safe for patients. None of my other practices have put so much effort in making the environment safe for healthcare professionals and patients. Several of my patients have commented on how impressed they have been and how safe they have felt in this COVID-19 period.

Dr Harvinder Chahal, Endocrinologist

The very robust safety measures and precautions that have been implemented by the clinic for the safety of patients and staff have left me feeling extremely reassured

Renomee Porten, Physiologist

I have to say, I’ve been truly impressed with the infection control precautions in place at the London Medical. It made me and my patients feel safe and confident to use the service. Much better than all other places I work in

Mr Awad Zaid, Consultant ENT Surgeon

I am seeing mainly cancer patients and they were extremely grateful to be able to come to London Medical for follow-up investigations, laboratory tests, and treatment during these difficult times. The setting at London Medical was exemplary; there was sufficient high-quality PPE, it was easy to follow social distancing rules, and the staff was very well prepared to cope with the challenge. Thank you all for your great efforts and support.

Prof. Andrea Frilling, Consultant Surgeon

We are exceptionally happy with the service at London Medical. All of the nurses are professional, caring and very helpful at all times. The facilities are maintained and are always clean. All of our patients have positive feedback regarding the staff and environment. We are very impressed with the measures they have put in place to protect patients and staff, particularly the waiting area set up and they are screening all patients as they enter the building. We are new to London Medical and are so impressed with the overall service and set up.

Prof. Gideon Lack, Allergy & Immunology Consultant

LM have been very responsive, sensible and pro-active - always prioritizing patient safety - and ensuring patient care is not compromised. A pleasure to work here.

Prof. Michel Michaelides, Ophthalmologist

I really think the Covid protection measures you have put in are second to none and ideal for our patients!

Dr Simon Woldman, Cardiologist

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