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The Audiology Clinic at London Medical, in association with London Ear Centre, offers a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of the ear.

The clinic offers detailed hearing assessments that are performed to the highest standards, with our Audiologists able to advise on and arrange the latest and most advanced digital hearing instruments to compensate for any identified impairment- from point of fitting to continued aftercare.

Specialist tinnitus and balance clinics are also hosted on-site, where evidence-based evaluation and management protocols are used to accurately diagnose and effectively rehabilitate patients with these disorders.


Additional services provided by the clinic include wax microsuction, the gold-standard technique for ear wax removal, and hearing conservation–where the team can recommend and organise the best and most effective forms of custom-made ear protection and hearing preservation products for all environmental situations (from loud music to industrial noise). Please see below for a full list of our services:

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    • Pure Tone Audiometry (test to determine hearing thresholds)
    • Tympanometry (test to evaluate the health of the middle ear)
    • Acoustic Reflexes (test to evaluate the integrity of the auditory pathway)
    • Speech Discrimination Evaluation (test to determine speech intelligibility in noise)
    • Auditory Training (a program designed to enhance speech intelligibility in noise)
    • Hearing Aid Consultation
    • Hearing Aid Fitting & Repair
    • Balance Evaluation & Management
    • Tinnitus Evaluation & Management
    • In-house ENT referrals
    • Wax Microsuction
    • Hearing Conservation

    We also provide a wide range of products including:

    • Latest Advanced Digital Hearing Aids (all styles)
    • Communication / Environmental Aids
    • Tinnitus Relief Products
    • Custom-made Hearing Protection
    • Custom-made Ear Plugs
    • Custom-made Earphones
    • Custom-made Music Plugs / Monitors
    Outstanding multidisciplinary team of cilinicians
    state of the art diagnostic equipment and medicines
    highest quality patient outcomes
    end to end integrated patient care

    Our audiology clinic is based in the heart of London

    London Underground
    The clinic is within walking distance of Baker Street and Regent’s Park tube stations, serving the Bakerloo, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines.

    Parking is available in Beaumont Street and behind Waitrose. Alternatively, metered parking may be found in the immediate vicinity.

    London Medical is located within the London Congestion Charge Zone.


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