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Whether you suspect hearing loss or are looking for support in managing a chronic ear disorder, we offer a comprehensive service for diagnosing and managing a wide range of ear-related conditions. London Medical’s Audiology & ENT Clinic brings together the top experts in the field, the latest audiology diagnostic equipment and personalised, holistic treatment plans for ear care you can trust.   

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    Don’t let hearing problems get in the way of living your life

    Your ear and hearing health not only affect your ability to hear but also play a vital role in helping you maintain your balance. Hearing impairment and balance problems can negatively impact other aspects of your life too — including your ability to communicate and your personal and work relationships, causing significant emotional distress and decreasing your overall quality of life.

    If you’re experiencing hearing or balance impairment, you want a rapid solution. That’s where our one-stop audiology clinic comes in.

    Our audiology consultants will give a swift diagnosis using state-of-the-art diagnostics and take the time to discuss a personalised treatment plan that is right for you. We can also help you proactively protect your ear health to conserve your hearing long-term.

    We’re here to support your total ear health so you can focus on living your best life.


    World-class consultants at the top of their field


    Personalised and
    compassionate care

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    Access to the latest digital
    hearing aid devices

    Signs you might need a hearing check

    Hearing impairment can be caused by several factors, including old age, genetics, ear infections and noise-induced hearing loss. Most often, hearing loss occurs gradually, so you might not be aware of a noticeable deterioration of your hearing.

    There are some signs and symptoms of hearing loss:

    • You frequently need others to repeat themselves
    • Sounds are muffled, or you think others are mumbling
    • You struggle to make out conversions in a crowd
    • You need to listen to the television or radio at a loud volume
    • You experience a ringing in one or both ears
    • You are unable to tell where noises are coming from
    • You struggle to hear voices on the phone

    If you experience any of the above symptoms, we would recommend a complete hearing exam at London Medical.

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    Personalised hearing aid service

    We understand the negative impact that hearing impairment can have on your ability to communicate in your day-to-life. The good news is that modern hearing aid technology has significantly advanced, and hearing aids can help you regain much of your hearing and improve your quality of life.

    Our experts give impartial advice to help you decide which hearing aid best suits your needs and lifestyle. And at London Medical, you’ll have access to the latest technology from the leading manufacturers to ensure you get the hearing aid that is just right for you.

    We also aim to offer long-term aftercare so you can rest assured your hearing aids are optimised to meet your changing hearing needs.

    Holistic diagnostics and treatment

    We use the latest audiology equipment to conduct thorough diagnostic checks for hearing and balance disorders. Your diagnostic assessment is the first step in understanding your condition, followed by a personalised treatment plan or specialist referral.

    Based on your individual symptoms, your comprehensive diagnostic assessment might include:

    • Audiology and medical history review
    • Speech discrimination evaluation
    • Pure tone audiometry
    • Tympanometry
    • Acoustic reflex thresholds
    • Clinical otoscopy
    • Vestibular balance assessment
    • Tinnitus pitch matching and loudness matching
    • Uncomfortable loudness levels
    • Eustachian tube dysfunction test

    After your diagnostic assessment, we’ll take the time to discuss a recommended treatment plan for you. Your personal plan will depend on the results of your assessment and will be tailored to your needs. Some of the treatments we offer include:

    • Personalised hearing aid service
    • Auditory training
    • Ear wax removal via microsuction
    • Ear impressions for custom-made ear plugs (i.e. swim plugs, sleep plugs, noise plugs, musician plugs or shooting plugs)
    • In-house ENT referral

    In most cases, we can diagnose and treat conditions in-house from the comfort of our central London clinic.

    Our audiology specialties

    We offer care across a broad range of audiology specialties. We have some of the top specialists in every aspect of audiology and ENT. Our entire team is dedicated to working together to consider the results of your investigations, your health and your lifestyle before tailoring a treatment plan to your individual needs.

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    Our approach to ear health

    If you have a problem with your hearing or balance, we understand you want a rapid solution.

    At London Medical, we are passionate about looking after your whole health and supporting you in living your best life.

    When you choose us, you’ll benefit from:

    • The most highly qualified audiologists
    • A seamless, joined-up experience that includes your diagnostics and treatment in the same clinic
    • Holistic and personalised care
    • An in-house pharmacy
    • Direct referrals to other specialists at London Medical

    Everything is connected at London Medical. Here, you’ll be offered end-to-end treatment from leading experts across a range of related disciplines — all under one roof.

    Meet our consultant audiologists

    At London Medical, you’ll receive the very best care and unparalleled support from our leading team of compassionate, dedicated audiologists throughout your ear health journey.

    Contact London Medical

    London Medical is located in the Harley Street medical area. Together with top experts across a range of multi-disciplinary fields, we offer the finest facilities for your care, all under one roof.

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