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Audiology and diabetes

Diabetes is a significant risk factor for acquired hearing loss and tinnitus. Persons with diabetes may present with hearing loss symptoms earlier in life than those without diabetes. Furthermore, diabetes may exacerbate risk for hearing loss related to noise exposure and ototoxic drugs. We recommend upon diagnosis that patients with diabetes undergo a baseline comprehensive audiological evaluation. A comprehensive audiological evaluation (pure-tone audiometry, tympanometry, Oto-acoustics emissions and speech in noise test) are recommended to determine the type and severity of hearing loss. Patients with diabetes who are at high risk for hearing and balance problems may have one or more of the following characteristics and require closer monitoring:
Reduced speech understanding (particularly in noisy environments).
Tinnitus perception
Hearing loss
Sensitivity to loud sounds.
Dizziness complaints.

The audiology team at London Medical are able to provide the comprehensive audiological evaluations listed above to identify any hearing or ear related issues.

Other audiology services available at London Medical:
Hearing diagnostics
Latest healthable hearing solutions
Invisible hearing aids
Audio-vestibular diagnostics
Rehabilitation services
Ear wax removal Microsuction service
Tinnitus management
Customised protective earware

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