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Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey With SmartWeight

Have you tried to lose weight in the past but unable to reach your goal, or maintain it?  Or are you managing other health issues while trying to lose weight?

It is not always an easy journey when this is the case – which is why we take a medical approach that is backed by science and proven to work. Our consultant led programme supports you to take control of your weight, and makes this journey easier by helping you manage any other health concerns you might have. 

Find out all you need to know about SmartWeight with London Medical, and begin taking the steps towards becoming a healthier you. 

How does SmartWeight work?

Our programme includes prescription weight loss medication, that works by regulating your hunger hormones and metabolism. This means you will have a reduced appetite and stay full for longer.

The SmartWeight programme is divided into three steps, each one helping you move closer to your weight loss goals.

A key part of the programme is the expert guidance you will receive from one of our weight management consultants, who will design a personalised plan for you. One that sets you up to succeed and gets you optimal results. 

You will also undergo a nurse assessment and get some blood tests done as part of each step. Initially, this is to establish a clear picture of your current state of health and to determine the best way forward. It is also to assess whether you are eligible to start the programme as not everyone can take the medication. 

You might be wondering, when will I start to see results? As everybody is different, results can vary. From day one the medication will start working, but you may not see changes to your body composition till around weeks 6 – 8.

Our highly personalised and medical approach is what makes SmartWeight unique and why it works for so many people.

Do I need to change my diet and lifestyle?

We see time and time again that the best results are achieved when you combine healthy eating with long term lifestyle changes. And with the medication, these changes are often made easier as it helps to suppress your appetite. 

Within 6 – 12 months on the programme, you can expect to see 5 – 10% weight loss. But when you adopt lifestyle modifications as well it can be much more than this. This is why we highly encourage you to partner with one of our dietitians while on the programme.   

They are here to help you choose a diet that is right for you, not only while you’re on the programme but once you’re off the medication too. The ongoing focus of your time with them is to determine whether the changes you’ve made to your diet are working for you and are sustainable long-term.

Depending on the adjustments you might need to make to your diet, you will be guided by an expert dietitian who specialises in supporting people throughout this process. This might also include support to help you manage possible side effects from the medication. 

What does the programme include? 

The first step is the SmartWeight Initial — this includes a nurse assessment, blood tests, and a 30-minute appointment with the consultant. This is the entry point for those who are new to the programme. 

The next step is the SmartWeight Follow-Up — this includes a repeat nurse assessment, blood tests and a follow up appointment with the consultant. This step can be taken once you’ve completed SmartWeight Initial.

SmartWeight Renewal — this includes another repeat nurse assessment, blood tests and a follow up appointment with the consultant. This step can be completed when you’ve finished SmartWeight Follow-Up. 

You can see a fully comprehensive list of what the programme includes here.

The weight loss medication is sold separately at a discounted rate when you purchase it through our pharmacy at London Medical. 

Start your journey now

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your weight loss journey and do it using methods that are backed by science and supported by experts, then SmartWeight is the right programme for you. 

You can easily book your place on our SmartWeight programme by emailing us at or giving us a call today on 0800 0438 330.

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