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Our innovative programme is coupled with highly-effective weight loss medications supervised by our team of specialist consultants

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consultant-led weight loss
programmes in the UK

Unique to London Medical, SmartWeight™ is an advanced successful weight loss programme. Designed and managed by an expert team with over 30 years of experience in the field, our bespoke consultant-led approach combines diet, medically supervised weight loss drugs and healthy lifestyle advice so that you can achieve effective results that last.

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Health Coach

Regular access to a mentor to support the weight loss

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Free Intro Session

Discuss your treatment options and explore the clinic before committing

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DEXA Body Scan

Understand where there is fat in your body

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    What makes SmartWeight™ better than other weight loss programmes?

    We believe a number of things make the SmartWeight™ so successful. Firstly, our programmes are designed, supervised and reviewed by a team of clinical experts led by a medical consultant. Our comprehensive approach enables us to build an in-depth assessment of your health, lifestyle and goals and create highly personalised, bespoke plans that best work for you.

    We combine highly effective weight loss medication with healthy diet plans and regular support, as well as lifestyle advice and optional add-ons with our expert Physiotherapists and Psychologists - because we know that successful

    long-term weight management relies on all of these things. SmartWeight™ provides an unparalleled level of expert supervision. You will have contact with your personal Health Coach throughout your journey who will provide you with the necessary motivational tools and guide you through your options to find the most appropriate treatment path.

    At all times, other options that may be more suited to your clinical presentation can be reviewed as London Medical has a comprehensive offering for assessment of sleep apnoea, fatty liver, and bariatric surgery.

    What do you get with SmartWeight™?

    We have a number of packages to choose from, depending on your health needs and goals. All prospective clients are invited to a free Smart Welcome, during which a Health Coach will talk you through the packages and answer any questions you may have (you'll also get to look around London Medical and a Welcome goody-bag).

    SmartWeight™ packages follow a core framework - but as a bespoke weight management service, your plan will always be tailored around your individual health profile, lifestyle and goals, and adapted to best support your progress along the way.

    Your Health Coach will work with you throughout and review how things are going. We also have Weight Management Medical Consultants, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists and Psychologists within our team. Blood tests and 'before' and 'after' DEXA Body Scans, alongside in-depth reviews of your progress and results, mean we're able to provide our clients with comprehensive, personalised health report too.

    SmartWeight™ Success

    One case study to note is that of a 72 year lady who lost over 18lbs in 12 weeks with relative ease, taking her bodyweight from 202lbs to 184lbs. That's an average of 1.5lbs per week. Another lady, who started at a lower bodyweight of 173lbs, was able to drop over 22lbs in 12 weeks, bringing her bodyweight down to 151lbs, reflecting an average loss of 1.8lbs per week. The journey for these women is not over yet, 3 months in and they are just getting started. 

    Both of these examples demonstrate the impressive physical changes that clients were able to achieve. What the numbers cannot quantify, is the positive impact on mental health that losing the weight fosters. Seeing such great progress in this relatively short space of time brings about a renewed focus and determination. This improved mental well-being, coupled with the physical changes, provides the momentum that clients need to continue to go from strength to strength. 

    SmartWeight™ Testimonials

    "I've lost 14lbs so far (would've been more had it not been for 10 days on holiday - enjoying my holiday!!)"

    "Things are going really well. I weighed myself today and I was down by 12.5lbs which I was really pleased with."

    "I started the smart medication last Tuesday and it's great I'm not hungry at all, which is great. Since I last saw you I've dropped 11lbs."

    "I am doing well, I have lost a total of 16.4 lbs."

    We use personalised education and support with the help of medication. Reducing appetite is key to helping patients tackle the restrictions that a weight loss programme involves and gives them a boost to continue with the programme and not give up early. Our patients also find it easier to maintain the weight loss achieved and not go back to a depressing cycle of weight loss attempts followed by weight gain. With the expertise of our specialist consultant doctors, as well as support and constant encouragement from the health coach, we hope to see all our clients achieve their maximum potential weight loss as part of the Smartweight Programme. 

    Your personal health coaches

    Ongoing one-to-one support is a key feature of all SmartWeight™ programmes, which includes remote and in-person reviews with your Health Coach at every stage of your plan. This means we are able to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments along the way if required, as well as ensuring you feel supported throughout.

    Helping you reach your target weight is only part of our aim however - we also want to give you the best possible chance to maintain a healthy weight for life. Personalised health reports and ongoing diet and lifestyle advice, along with suggested next steps and follow-up programmes where required, are also important to us.


    Rob is a body composition specialist, with years of experience in the field of weight loss. Having helped countless clients achieve their weight loss goals, Rob understands what it takes to get people the results they're after. From simplifying theory to developing methods to ensure adherence, Rob is able to provide the support and motivation people need to succeed. He is a proponent of a simplified approach, which ignores fad-diets, cuts through the myths and instead focuses on the basic fundamentals of weight loss.

    Rob is a body composition specialist, with years of experience in the field of weight loss...

    Read more


    Archie is a competitive fitness athlete and former personal trainer, he is an expert with body composition. Your health coach is available to help manage your programme and will schedule regular reviews with you.

    Archie is a competitive fitness athlete and former personal trainer, he is an expert with body composition...

    Read more

    SmartWeight™ Packages


    (8 weeks)

    Full price - £945

    Offer price - £795


    (12 weeks)

    Full price - £1095

    Offer price - £895


    (12 weeks)

    Full price - £1495

    Offer price - £1295

    Doctor-led consultation included included included
    Weight medication included included not included included
    Health coach support included included included
    Metabolic rate calculation included included included
    DEXA Body Scan included included included
    Personalised health report included included included
    Blood tests included included included
    Advanced blood tests not included included included
    Smart scales not included included included
    Dietician not included included included
    Review with Pharmacist included not included included

    Package FAQ's

    The SmartWeight™ Specialist Medical Consultants and Dietitians

    Meet our team of expert weight management medical consultants and dietitians who have over 30 years' experience in the field

    Book an Introduction

    Book your free introduction to the SmartWeight™ programme

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