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World Obesity Day, a message from our CEO, Tony Graff:

Weight management is certainly topical given the last year we have all endured and given that March 4th is World Obesity Day. Our weight management programme “Smartweight” has delivered excellent results for our patients and we have now introduced a remote weight management programme for those of you not able or ready to visit either our London or Birmingham locations. You may not be aware that we have a new location in Birmingham. Our goal is to bring the expertise and warmth of London Medical as experienced in the Marylebone High Street clinic, to patients throughout the UK. We now have a range of remote care packages you can experience from your home. We have launched the London Medical MyCare App to make this a simple and good experience. The MyCare App will allow you access to your important medical information at all times and will facilitate remote consultations.

We are all hopeful that the country will begin to return to some kind of normal over the next few months. Here at London Medical we remain open as always to look after your health needs in the safest possible way. Your welfare is our primary goal so enjoy these articles and I hope that you find them informative. When the time is right for you, we look forward to helping you with any health issues you may be experiencing in one of our clinics or using our new remote services. Either call us directly and talk to one of our team or look at our website for the latest treatments.

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