The SmartWeight™ Programme

Introducing The SmartWeight™ Programme

SmartWeight™ is the most comprehensive weight loss programme available in the UK. All your weight management needs in one place, exclusive to the world class experts at London Medical.

Devised and directed by an expert team with over 30 years collective experience in weight management, the London Medical SmartWeight™ programme focuses on achieving and sustaining a healthy weight forever.

The SmartWeight™ programme aims to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients. Many patients find that even relatively minor weight loss can lead to a significant improvement in health - such as sleep apnoea, fatigue, mobility and depression. Each patient has unique objectives, so we work alongside you to create your personal goals.

By combining drugs and diet, SmartWeight™ is able to maximise weight loss as well as ensuring patients are able to keep weight off for longer periods.

For some, prevention of weight gain might be their main goal. For others, it could be maintaining their ideal weight or improving energy levels. Whatever your goal is, it's important to set out a clear but achievable target at the beginning of the process.

We take into account not just the weight loss goals of the patient, but how this could impact any other conditions they may have.

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Menus adapted to your needs

When supervised by a London Medical health professional, each patient’s nutritional reprogramming is tailored to provide the correct level of protein and carbohydrate intake.

Control your eating habits

London Medical will help you achieve a set of objectives that are specific to each phase so that you gently acquire good eating habits in stages.

Patient-first approach

From personal circumstances to genetic makeup, every patient is unique. SmartWeight™ is designed to work alongside each patient's indivudual needs.

Weight Maintenance

Our programme will identify and address the causes of your weight gain, as well as the barriers to effective weight management. We will investigate any reduction in your metabolic rate, unhealthy eating habits, or lack of exercise – and look into the reasons for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SmartWeight™ programme will investigate and tackle the root causes of your weight problems, as well as any lifestyle hurdles to successful weight management. We will look into exercise and dietary habits, as well as the reasons behind them. Then we will:

  • Give advice on health risks of being overweight, and the potential benefits of even slight weight loss.
  • Devise a long-term weight management plan, including advice on how to maintain lifestyle changes.
  • Advise on treatment options, including: Diet recommendations, physical activity, obesity medication, bariatric surgery.
  • Equip you with the resources to help you recognise your personal weight management challenges.

Refer you to specialists for any specific health problems requiring treatment



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