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With guidance from our expert consultants, our programme has helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals.

How it works

Weight loss medication is a key part of the programme, but we know that combining healthy eating and adopting long term lifestyle changes gets the best results. So, as part of the programme this level of support is available and we highly encourage you to make the most of it.

Before starting on any type of medication, it is always best to consult a doctor. This is why our expert consultants will support you on this programme to make sure:

  • You get optimal results  
  • It is appropriate for you to start
  • Medical contraindications are avoided 
  • You are aware of possible side effects and what to look out for 
  • Other medical conditions have been considered and managed

And because the overall wellbeing and safety of our patients comes first, there are a few extra steps we take before starting anyone on this programme, including a nurse assessment and blood tests.

Armed with these insights, our expert consultants will develop a highly personalised plan for you – giving you peace of mind that the medication is right for you and will be effective.

A comprehensive approach to weight management

We know that weight management has its challenges. This is especially the case if you have additional health concerns or pre-existing conditions that are associated with weight control, like heart disease, sleep apnoea or fatty liver.

This is why our expert consultants take a whole-body approach. For some, this might mean simply helping you manage your weight through healthy lifestyle changes and medication. And this change by itself can work really well.

However, for some people other health risks might be identified as part of the process. When this happens, our consultants would refer you to other experts to ensure you are managing both your weight and other possible health risks.

Within our clinic you will find all of the experts that can deal with the medical conditions that are often associated with weight control.

Programme details

There are different entry points to our programme depending on whether you are new, or further along with your SmartWeight journey.

If you are new to London Medical and have not seen one of our consultants before (in relation to weight loss) then an initial appointment will be your starting point.

As everyone is different results can vary. However, typically around weeks 6 – 8 you should start to see changes in your body composition. To get the best long-term results we recommend you progress through each stage of our programme while also forming healthy life long habits.

Package name What’s included Who it is for Duration of package Investment
SmartWeight InitialPathology
Nurse assessment
30-minute consult with the specialist
New to the programme12 weeks£550
SmartWeight Follow UpPathology
Nurse assessment
15-minute consult with the specialist
Following completion of Smartweight initial16 weeks£490
SmartWeight RenewalPathology
Nurse assessment
15-minute consult with the specialist
Following completion of Smartweight Follow Up26 weeks£490

Add on services that we highly recommend

Service What’s included Who it is for Length of appointment Investment
DEXA Baseline ScanA quick, painless and non-invasive x-ray that provides a highly accurate and precise measurement of your body composition.Seeking an accurate baseline, showing precisely how much fat and lean mass you have, so you can set a realistic and achievable target in consultation with our experts.1 hour£150
Smartweight member £123
DEXA Progress ScanThe same quick, painless and non-invasive x-ray you had for your baseline scan.A check-in to see how you are progressing on your journey and to assess whether it is necessary to make changes to achieve your goal.40 minutes£125
Smartweight member £102.50
Dietitian – initialComprehensive appointment with one of our dieticians.New to seeking dietary advice to support your SmartWeight journey.1 hour£150
Smartweight member £123
Dietitian – follow upFollow up appointment with one of our dieticiansHave previously seen the dietitian and keen to discuss progress, possible adjustments to your plan and next steps.45 minutes£99
Smartweight member £81

Added bonus when you join

You will need to purchase your medication separately as it isn’t included as part of your package. But when you join the programme, you get access to it at a discounted rate. Not only for the first month, but for the duration of your package.

To access the 18% discount, you simply need to purchase your medication from our in-house pharmacy – which makes this step hassle free as you can simply pick it up following your consultation.

We also know how valuable our add on services are to your weight loss journey, so are delighted to offer this same discount for seeing one of our dietitians or for the DEXA body scan.

Keen to find out more?

If you have any questions about whether this programme is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more – see our details below.

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