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What does Smart Gold include?

(12 weeks) £895

This 12-week Smartweight Gold plan is an in-depth high-impact weight loss plan which includes the prescription and costs of advanced weight loss medication and is supervised by a Consultant in Diabetes. It is available for people with and without diabetes. It tackles your health goals from all angles, reducing the health risks of obesity in cancer, sleep apnoea, back and knee problems, hypertension and Covid by helping you to achieve and maintain a reduced body weight. Your plan will involve an in-depth consultation with a diabetes specialist consultant who will review your test results and prescribe the advanced weight loss medication and then with a diabetes specialist dietician to review your diet and lifestyle. Your health coach will support you throughout the plan and towards the end of the plan you will have a follow-up consultation with your diabetes specialist consultant to assess progress and define next steps.

It includes:

  • You will be supervised throughout by a leading Diabetes consultant specialising in weight management including two consultations: one at the start to review your weight loss goals, your test results, to design your bespoke plan and issue your prescription; one at the end to review progress and agree next steps
  • You will be provided with appropriate advanced weight loss control medication for the entire 12 week programme
  • An in-depth consultation with a specialist weight management dietician to review your diet and lifestyle and design your lifestyle and menu plan for the 12 weeks
  • Comprehensive home blood test+*
  • Resting metabolic rate assessment
  • DEXA Body scan at the start and after 8 weeks to identify progress
  • Personalised health report outlining your results and achievements aslong with advice on weight management and next steps
  • Support throughout the programme from your dedicated Health Coach to encourage you and answer any questions
  • Bespoke plan to transform your weight management
  • Smart weight scales to help you keep track of results

Why not add our Smart Gold Plus Drugs package?

Smart Drugs (recommended for all suitable clients)


Weight management drug regime for the 12-week duration, in conjunction with an in-depth consultation with a Weight Management Medical Consultant

Smart Physio (optional)


Tailored exercise plan for the 12-week duration, designed in conjunction with an in-depth consultation with expert Physios

Smart Psychology (optional)


Additional tailored guidance and support designed in conjunction with in-depth consultations with expert Weight Reduction Psychologists

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