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Our approach to treating parathyroid disorders

Medicine is changing fast, and we believe that our patients should be a part of this, not simply another number in a resource-restricted guideline. When you book a consultation at London Medical, you will see a consultant endocrinologist who thinks outside the box and puts your individual health interests first. Our consultant endocrinologists are at the cutting-edge of their field and aware of the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment. 

At London Medical, your appointment will be booked quickly – typically within a week. Your experience will be uniquely personal to you. Your consultant will provide you with an individual treatment plan that they will take the time to explain to you. Most importantly, they will look at your total health and the effects of any interrelated conditions and treatments on your overall well-being. At London Medical, we have the top experts working together for your total care – all under one roof. 

If you have a parathyroid disorder, you might not have any symptoms or symptoms that are vague and non-specific. Problems with calcium levels in the blood are often detected during routine blood tests. If your consultant suspects you have a parathyroid disorder, they might suggest one or more of the following investigations:

  • Urine tests to exclude hypercalcaemic hypocalciuria, a benign genetic condition
  • Comprehensive blood tests to check Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone levels
  • Thyroid function tests
  • Imaging scans of the parathyroid glands, including sestamibi scans, CT scans, X-rays or ultrasounds

Depending on your blood test results, your consultant might also suggest some related tests, including:

  • A DEXA scan to exclude osteoporosis
  • Kidney blood function tests
  • Kidney scans for kidney stones
  • Genetic tests to exclude multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes

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