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Our approach to pituitary disorders

Medicine is changing fast, and we believe that our patients should be a part of this, not simply another number in a resource-restricted guideline. When you book a consultation at London Medical, you will see an endocrinologist who thinks outside the box and puts your individual health interests first. Our highly experienced pituitary specialists are at the cutting-edge of their field and aware of the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment. 

At London Medical, we ensure you will be able to get an appointment quickly – typically within a week. Your experience will be uniquely personal to you. Your consultant will provide you with an individual treatment plan, and they will take the time to explain it to you and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Most importantly, your consultant will look at your total health and the effects of any interrelated conditions and treatments on your overall well-being. At London Medical, we have the top experts working together for your total care – all under one roof.

Your consultant will listen to your symptoms and take your personal and family medical history before conducting a thorough examination. We can do most hormone blood tests in-house on the same day. When more complex or specialised texts are necessary, our expert nurses and lab technicians will ensure your blood tests are done safely, effectively and swiftly. 


Your consultant might recommend the following investigations to diagnose a pituitary disorder:

  • Blood tests to check all hormone levels
  • Urine analysis
  • Visual field tests to check that the eye nerves are not damaged
  • Water deprivation test to check for diabetes insipidus 
  • Insulin stress test to check how your pituitary gland reacts to low blood sugar levels
  • Synacthen stimulation test to see if the adrenal glands are producing enough cortisol
  • Glucagon stimulation test to assess the release of growth hormone
  • Releasing hormone tests to check if the pituitary gland is releasing enough hormones into the bloodstream 
  • MRI scans to check for pituitary adenomas

Because many of these tests involve fasting, water deprivation or otherwise stressful conditions for the body, we ensure that all testing is done carefully and safely by an experienced endocrine nurse.

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